First Workout and Run Post Chemotherapy

I DID IT!!!!!! I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!!

I think the biggest step toward feeling like you have conquered your cancer is being physically fit again. I have been taking baby steps in this direction but I want more. Today I finally felt like I was ready to take the plunge. For months I have been saying I want to do the Sunburst Marathon on June 1st, 2013. This date marks one year and one day post chemotherapy. One problem! I have not set out on a run yet. I have been very active, but no running. I have been tired from meds to help eleviate my itching and I have been suffering from some pretty bad pain in my feet and hands due to neuropathy.

It was warm today. Warm means perhaps my fingers and toes won’t go numb, turn white, and feel like knives are being driven through them. I have been waiting for this day for so long- the day I wanted to and could run again. I used to be a runner but I have been sick and honestly, I ran myself into the ground in high school and college so I have been on a running “break”. Other than itching I have been feeling pretty darn good lately. I haven’t pushed myself in a long time so I wasn’t sure if I could handle a run so I started out with an indoor workout. I did Jullian¬†Michaels, 6 Weeks for 6 Pack Abs and felt great! After that, I looked outside at the pouring rain, grabbed Frankie, the dog and took off for a mile run.


The more I got into my mile, the better I felt. Just like old times! I don’t feel like I’ve had cancer. I don’t feel like my body is broken. I feel simply out of shape. Like I haven’t worked out for a while. The whole last 1/4 mile I kept saying out loud, “I’m doing it, Frankie!” “I’m doing it, Frankie”. HOLY CRAPOLA!! I’M BACK! I will probably feel like I was hit like a ton of bricks tomorrow but it is worth it.

I DID IT!!!!!! I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!!

First Run Post Chemotherapy

First Run Post Chemotherapy

6 comments on “First Workout and Run Post Chemotherapy
  1. Jayme says:

    Woo hoo!!! You go Girl! Each day you do it will feel better and better! I want to get back to jogging myself, but I’m going to steer clear of marathons–that’s crazy talk ;o)

  2. Thank you Jayme :). I’m having fun getting back in shape. My muscles disagree with the fun factor though. Hehe. Sparrow would love a good stroller ride accompanying you on a run for sure. Good luck when you get started up. I’m looking forward to talking tomorrow.

  3. ps: I am currently taking another break because it got so cold again and my hands and feet can’t handle the temperature with my neuropathy. I hope to be back at it again soon. June 1st is coming SOON! I’m okay with a little break and so is my body :).

  4. alwaysrcorliss says:

    Inspirational as always! You always impress me time and time again. Can’t wait to watch you run that marathon!

  5. wittyrant says:

    Marathon? You put the rest of us humans to shame! Time and time again you prove that superheroes realy do exist!

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