Giving Back

Day in and day out I sat at chemo and looked around at all the people that were alone. It made me so sad to see they were going through this process without friends or family by their side. I could not stand the though of it. I wanted to sit with them, talk to them, be their companion. I rarely did, and this bothered me throughout all of my treatments. When you have a newborn it is hard to sit in a common area. We often opted to have a private room so we could change, feed and allow Grace to sleep in a quiet place. We also didn’t want to disturb anyone. I have always been one to do, do, do for others and it was killing me to sit idly by. I made a promise to myself that when I got healthy enough, I would start cooking for the elderly patients at the chemo center. Today begins what will hopefully become a tradition. I spent the last two days cooking sixteen dinners for two. I had Gracie by my side giggling while I cooked and sang to her. I am so, so tired and I believe I honestly took on too much. Looking at what I accomplished, and knowing I will be making someone’s day a little brighter makes me smile, and gives me enough energy to deliver my dinners.

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  1. [...] We have been doing many things to give back since getting healthy, blogging to provide a place for other people struggling through this to relate, opening ourselves up for video chatting with people fighting the battle “Coffee and Cancer”, cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the patients at the chemo center to take home with them, baking, making soup, etc. Now we start the next leg of giving back and this leg is very near and dear to our hearts. While I was sick I learned about the StandUp2Cancer foundation. You may have heard of it. They take over all the major networks once a year to raise money. 100% goes to cancer research. We have started team “Joyful Hope” in an effort to raise 100K or more over the next two years. Please join us in making a difference and contribute to our campaign. No amount is too small or too large and your donation is tax deductible. Click here to join team JOYFUL HOPE today! [...]

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