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Writing from Bar Harbor, ME today friends. Gracie and I are on a little trip visiting Ryan’s family and our friends. It is so nice to be healthy enough to take a trip! We are having a wonderful time and counting our blessings as always but I am definitely missing my hubby. :)


In my experience telling someone you have cancer is like opening Pandora’s box. People suddenly feel like they should tell you every horrific story of cancer they have ever heard. Perhaps it is an ever-present uncomfortable feeling people get when you tell them you have cancer or perhaps it is just our culture to be relatively negative. Either way, it is important to me to help change the culture of cancer talk. Every story has some good in it. Find the good. Find a way to inspire and give hope to someone fighting this battle.

If you are a survivor, fighter, family member or caregiver with a good story of hope and inspiration I would love for you to share your story in the comments section of this post. It’s always nice to read a good story when you are sick. It is a good way to counteract any crazy stories you may hear along your journey. Please make this post a stomping ground of positivity. We have plenty of fighters reading this blog that would LOVE to hear a good story.

Every day is a blessing. There is always a way to be positive. Positive attitude, positive results.

Have fun writing my endlessly strong friends.

As a side note here are my golden rules of talking to a cancer patient or a mom with cancer:

        1. Please DO NOT tell a cancer patient a list of everyone you have known that has died of cancer.

2. Please DO NOT say, “Yeah, I know someone that got through cancer with flying colors and is back in chemotherapy again and almost dead”.

3. Please DO NOT tell a cancer patient all the horrible things that have happened to your friends with cancer.

4. Please DO NOT tell a new mom with cancer about all the kids you know that moms have died of cancer.

5. Please DO NOT say “Well, at least you can say you’ve lived.”.

6. Please DO, DO, DO, tell a cancer patient a GOOD story, a story of hope and promise. We know all the horrible things cancer can bring. Tell something to lift us up. Tell something inspiring. Tell something hopeful.

7. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. -Thumper

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