As I Return to Blogging Regularly

Hi all. Back to my weekly Starbucks routine of writing after a long hiatus while traveling. I suppose my travels are a way of still trying to make up for lost one-on-one mommy-time with my dear Gracie at the beginning of her life. As I start to write I find myself once again with coffee in hand and tears in my eyes. It must be the coffee :). I’m fine when I write anywhere else.

The song playing as I begin to write is “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer. I don’t want to wait on the world to change. I want to change it. There is a whole world of fighters and survivors out there I had NO IDEA about until I got sick. To me it is such a shame that our society doesn’t know how amazing, inspiring, and strong this network of people is. I want to change this.

I often write or talk about the things we are doing for others and the money we are trying to raise. It isn’t for recognition. I could care less if anyone gave an ounce of recognition. Talking about it is an effort to raise awareness, and money for research :), as well as to inspire others to get out and make a difference large or small. We are small, small potatoes in the world of giving back now but we are doing it in a big way. I only hope that someday we become big potatoes giving back in a big way. This world is a learning process. Raising money isn’t easy. Friends will comment and like a post on Facebook in massive quantity regarding a picture of Gracie or our dog Frankie but if I post something about team Joyful Hope there are absolute crickets. We will learn the fundraising process and are very dedicated to doing so. In the meantime we will continue to cook for patients and counsel new moms with cancer or any woman with cancer that just wants to sit and chat over coffee or tea. If you want to chat, check out Coffee and Cancer.

The Corliss family, Ryan, Trish, and Gracie will not sit and wait for the world to change. We are going to do something about it. One day at a time.

2 comments on “As I Return to Blogging Regularly
  1. Dr. Pullen says:

    You are right that there are lots of women in your situation out there, fighting, trying to carry on. My wife is one of them. She is a Mommy too, though her babies are in their 20′s, and she is praying to be around for grandchildren. I try to watch the various resources carefully for her as she has more trouble reading this sort of stuff. Thanks for your posts, and keep up the fight.

    • Hi Dr. Pullen- I’m sorry to hear about your wife. One thing I know is when kids are involved you fight like hell! If possible keep her active. I really treasured my family walks after my surgery and chemotherapy. It made me fall in love with the simplicity of a walk and how it brings a family together. We also created some awesome long lasting memories on those walks. We will forever be a family of walkers. I am so happy for her that you are researching things. Coming from another very blessed wife, it meant the world to me to have my husband researching things. Stay strong. Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. If she is ever up to it I would love to talk to her.

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