How Long Will it Take My Hair to Grow Back After Chemotherapy?

One of the most common questions I get when talking to people about to embark on chemotherapy is, “How long did it take for your hair to grow back after chemotherapy?”. I had the same question when I was going through chemo. I loved my lack of hair but was looking forward to some fun, funky stages that I would not have normally tried out. I always thought it would be so helpful to have a visual guide of what to expect and I never found anything. So!!! Here it is!

It is surprising how fast your hair grows back. Within a week and a half of the completion of my BEP chemotherapy I had a ton of “sprouts”. For more on my thoughts about hair loss please read my previous post, Goodbye Hair! See You Next Year!

My hair one day before losing it!


Bald and Beautiful- My favorite accessories when I lost my hair, my bald head, my favorite Life is Good hat, and Gracie of course!


Hair Length 1 Month Post BEP Chemotherapy- I loved, loved, loved this stage!! My head was so soft and fuzzy!


Hair Length 2 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- Starting to see where my waves stem from! A lot of swirly hair showing up this month.


Hair Length 3 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- I had a lot of growth this month. These shots are from the beginning to the end of the month. Mid month I could spike it up a bit.


Hair Length 4 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- This was my most favorite stage!!!


Hair Length 5 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- 


Hair Length 6 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- 


Hair Length 7 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-


Hair Length 8 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-


Hair Length 9 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-


Hair Length 10 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-


Hair Length 11 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-

20130516-133755.jpgMother's Day 2013

Hair Length 1 Year Post BEP Chemotherapy-



109 comments on “How Long Will it Take My Hair to Grow Back After Chemotherapy?
  1. kissedbyluck says:

    I’m at one month post chemo…so much fuzz, but it’s very light colored and doesn’t cover much. Along with the lack of eyebrows, I look quite funny. But I actually like it. :) thanks for sharing your photos!

    • Hi, congrats on being one month post chemo! I loved the fuzzy phase. My husband always laughed because I was constantly rubbing my head. It felt so nice, I couldn’t help myself. Your eyebrows should come back pretty quickly. I didn’t lose mine but I have talked to many women that have and they were surprised how fast they came back. I did lose my eyelashes and they started to come back around a month after chemo. How are you feeling? I hope you are mending well.

      • Marian Barr says:

        Can someone please help me? I finished chemo March of 2013 and radiation May of hair started to grow in and I do have pictures of it like a peach fuzz.I thought it wasn’t coming in fast enough and my Dr took me off the Femara and put me on something else.i can’t find the old prescription now and believe it or not I lost all the hair on to of my head.i have to go back to the wigs.i am now back on the original Femara even tried Rogaine and my hair is not growing please help frustrating.i will be 60 this month and so depressed

      • tata says:

        Hi evryone, can someone please tell me if your hair grew curly after chemo? I mean if it was straight and grew to curly? do you know such cases? and will it return to it’s original form?

        • Trish says:

          Hi there- Mine grew back super curly. I embraced it for a while then started occasionally straightening it with Kerastase Fluidissime and now I can’t get the curl back. I don’t know if the Keratase retrained my hair or the curl just grew out. Either way, I miss my chemo curls.

    • Hi Kissedbyluck! I logged into my blog tonight and was thinking of you. How is your recovery going? How’s your hair growth? I am SO ready to shave my darn head again! Man the days of not having hair were awesome!! I hope you are mending well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi my name is Sylvia I’m 34 stage 2.4 breast cancer. One of my biggest issues was losing my hair. It was so devastating to me. I wear hats all the time. I’m half way done with chemo. I have to do 8 sessions I have 4 left. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I keep asking how long will it take for my hair to grow. I hope it comes back fast!!

      • Sylvia says:

        Hi my name is Sylvia I’m 34 stage 2.4 breast cancer. One of my biggest issues was losing my hair. It was so devastating to me. I wear hats all the time. I’m half way done with chemo. I have to do 8 sessions I have 4 left. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I keep asking how long will it take for my hair to grow. I hope it comes back fast!!

        • mommybeatscancer says:

          Hi Sylvia- Thank you for writing in. Congrats on being halfway done!! My very wise oncologist told me I would gain my energy back at about the same rate my hair grew back. He was so right and my hair grew back fast. I am sitting a year and a half out now and my hair is longer than when I started already. People are often baffled to know I just battled cancer and had a baby. You will be sitting a year and a half out before you know it, feeling great, with fresh, new hair looking back at what you overcame. I know it can be hard to lose your hair but as I tell everyone it is your badge of honor for your hard fought battle. Take a good look in the mirror without your hat and tell yourself you are one tough cookie and you are halfway through beating this beast and you will never be the same in so many good ways you would have never thought possible. I hope you found some good hats. I still occasionally wear my favorite chemo hat because I ended up loving it so much. Cancer I believe is a unusual gift to reset perspective and learn your personal strength. YOU CAN DO IT! You are almost there. Stay healthy and strong during the last half. Wishing you well! -Trish I’m here if you ever need to talk. I do video chats and phone calls with people battling cancer quite often. Happy New Year!

          • rose says:

            I am just done with my 3 session of chemo. I am cancer free from having endrometrial cancer stage 2 I had robitic hysterectomy and cancer was all taken out. I have in the end of the month 5 weeks of radiation and 3 more chemo and all done. I still get a little depressed but coping with it. I have a lot of faith in the lord he will get me thru this. Glad you are doing well and hope to hear from you. Here is my email.


            • Trish says:

              Hi Rose- So glad to hear from you. I’m hoping you are now done. I am so sorry I haven’t been in contact. I’ve been traveling post surgery having friends and family help out with my little one. I will email you in the next day or two to check in and see how you are doing.

  2. April Bupp says:

    Hi there. I too, had BEP(Granulosa cell tumor of the ovary). 3 rounds and finished on April 18. I’m in the “fuzzy phase” right now and agree with the rubbing the head bit. However, I’m getting a little worried as I thought I would have more hair by now. It’s really thin, sparse and sporadic. When did you notice real hair growth coming in? I’m trying not to be too worried about it…

    • Congrats on being done April and welcome to the blog. You are on the verge of a big change. I finished the week after Memorial Day weekend last year so you are finishing about two months earlier than I did last year. I had “solid” hair everywhere by Labor Day, maybe even two weeks before that. Everyone has different rates of hair growth but I think I am about average. I would think in the next month you will start to see a big change. If you are drinking a ton of water and eating really healthy that definitely helps repair your system and promote growth. I remember thinking the same thing at the beginning about my sprouts. I even shaved them for a while until I started to feel thicker growth. Good luck on your journey back to health. I look forward to talking more and helping you with any questions you may have. Please keep in touch. Congrats again! You are done just in time for summer. It’s a great time of year to heal

    • Hi April! How are you doing? I’ve missed our email exchanges. I hope you are mending well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi I am four months post chemo and it is only the ladt week that I have found my hair started to thicken up a bit. Not much length yet but it certainly looks better. Hang in there. All the best. Jo

  3. Mark Miller says:

    its been a almost a year and a half since my last chemo! The hair i lost still is not growing back! is it ever going to grow back?

    • Hi Mark-

      Thank you for reaching out. I am really sorry to hear your hair has not grown in yet. It is really hard to say if it will without knowing the specifics. Everyone is different. Did you have BEP? Have you talked to your oncologist about your hair not growing back? They may be able to recommend you to someone that can assist you in hair growth. They have awesome resources. Even if you can’t get in I would call and talk to the nurses and have them find out a resource for you. Have your hormone levels normalized? I hope you are recovering well. Stay strong.

  4. I am so happy to see hai growth after completion of hair fell after 3rd chemo

    • Hi Dr. Nageshwar-

      Are you almost done with chemotherapy? It is astonishing how fast your hair will begin to grow back in a lot of cases. I hope you are recovering well. Embrace your lack of hair. It can be very freeing. Sometimes I wish I still didn’t have mine. It was much easier to take care of without it. :) In the past I would have never been someone to just shave my head but I am so happy for the opportunity to have been without it for a while. Now…maybe I’ll buzzzzzz again. Who knows. Hang in there. Seize the moment! Stay strong.

  5. MaryLou says:

    Is there anything that can be used e.g., shampoos, supplements, etc. that can help restore hair after chemo treatments end?

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Hi MaryLou- Thank you for writing in. I’m not sure what others are using but post chemo I started taking Andrew Lessman ProCap vitamins (Essentials 1 and Ultimate Antioxidants). This along with healthy eating helped my body restore pretty quickly. My hair grew back pretty fast. I’ve talked to a few friends that have also used these vitamins and they are amazed at their recovery and consistently good blood work. I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey. If you are interested I would definitely run them past your oncologist first. Stay strong. <3 -Trish

    • Gerilyn says:

      I have been through with Chemo for 6 months and have been using a product called Nioxin. There is a 3-step process: Shampoo, Conditioner, and I believer a serum(I don’t use the third). It can be found in any beauty salon and works great for hair growth. I swear by it. My hair has grown back thick and healthy. And it has grown in quickly. If I could only use it on my eyebrows!! Good luck.

  6. Angela Gillard says:

    You are one awesome lady and you and your daughter are so beautiful. I am so glad I found your site. I will send it to my brave daughter who is going through chemo right now. Keep on smiling that lovely smile. Angie

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Hello Angie- Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear your daughter is going through chemotherapy. I know it is really hard on a mom to see their child battling cancer. Please do pass the site along. If you or her would like to talk I am here. I will be thinking of you both. Stay strong. -Trish

  7. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not positive whether this submit is written by him as no one else realize such distinctive about my difficulty. You are amazing! Thanks!

  8. In2luvnme says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! You little one is gorgeous and so are you! I’m just a month post and have peach fuzz. I braced the enviable when I was told I had BC! Ironically, the first real cry was when I was told my hair would fall out! (Smh) :-)

    Peace and Blessing my fighting sister survivor!

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Thank you so much. You are in my most favorite stage right now. Sometimes I wish I still had my peach fuzz. It felt so nice. :) My husband would always look over and chuckle when he caught me once again, rubbing my head. I’m glad you made it through and are seeing growth. My oncologist told me my energy and strength would grow back at about the rate my hair growth. He was so right. I’m thankful my hair is growing back quickly because my energy is too! It sounds like you are well on your way also. Have fun with the different stages of growth. :) Stay strong! My keys to recovery were working out, a TON of water, and healthy eating. Fight on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Trish

  9. I was diagnose with breast cancer may 15. I just finish 8 rounds of chemothearpy and really excited when my hair starts to grow back. I will keep s diary. Thank u for your journey.

  10. Paola says:

    Hi!! I just finished ABVD less than a week ago for stage IV lymphoma! So excited to have found your blog. I am really looking forward to growing my hair out! Love the photos. This is such a great timeline!

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Congrats on being done fellow survivor! :) I wish you a ton of success on your journey back to recovery.

      • Enid says:

        Hi!! I just had my first round of chemo on October 22 that was nine days ago. I still have my hair . Can some one please let me know what I will spect to feel just before it will happen. Any sensation in my head. I am so scared ;(-

        • mommybeatscancer says:

          Hi Enid- The only thing I felt was a little stiffness at my roots like I had a really tight pony tail in for a couple days. My suggestion would be to shave it as soon as you start to lose it. I think the process of it falling out is really hard on some people. Getting it over with and taking control of it can be incredibly freeing. Congrats on finishing your first round of chemo! All will be well. Just remember, it’s hair and it will grow back. Your hair doesn’t make you beautiful. You make you beautiful. You were strong enough to get through round one! You got this!!!!!!! Fight, fight, fight!! In here if you need to talk.

  11. Sarah says:

    Hi from Australia :-)
    Thanks for the wonderful photos. I have had 3 treatments of chemo so far and now every day I wake up wondering when my hair will go. I’ve had long hair my whole life (I’m 38 with 3 young kids) so everyone knows me for my long hair. Almost 3 weeks ago I cut off 60cm!! (think that is about 24 inches)….but we made it fun with family and friends sponsoring me with money, chocolates, jokes etc for each cm I cut off. I finish my treatment at the end of March next year. Your photos show me what I can maybe expect :-)

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Hi Sarah-

      I am so glad you embraced cutting your hair and you had fun with it. March is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. You can do this. If you have any questions I’ll be here. Be well, stay strong, and keep up the fun even when it gets hard. -Trish

    • Anonymous says:

      I can relate to the long hair prior to chemo I could sit on mine. After the 3rd treatment my hair started coming out in handfuls I cut it to my shoulder; however, I realized that it wasn’t helping so my husband shaved my head he cried , I cried. I had Stage 4 Ovarian cancer and had 18 weeks of chemo. I finished my last treatment on Nov. 20 and as of December 6 I’m in remission. About 3 weeks after stopping chemo I had the fuzzy and it was awesome couldn’t keep my hands off it. It is now about 1/4 inch and a cometely different color prior to it was reddish brown and now it is black with some salt in it. I’m 50 and proud to have hair, but even without hair I’m much happier to be alive. I look at pictures and it is hard to imagine I had long hair but maybe one day again.
      I will say I have a wig extension with a half cap in it, the wig is about chest long and you can put it nicely under cowboy hat, or wrap a bandana around it , or under baseball cap or Doo rag and it just looks like you have long great hair. It helps when you cannot wait till your hair grows.
      Good luck I hope this helps.

      • michelle says:

        I too had stage IV ovarian cancer. Had 4 rounds of chemo then surgery then 4 more
        and have been put in remission as of Jan. 6th. I now need to have a breast biopsy for questionable mammogram. My hair is about an inch and half long and very soft. I’m hoping my biopsy is ok. because I’m over this cancer thing. I’m back to work and get tired but all in all feel pretty good. Here’s to all you ladies fighting the fight.

        • Trish says:

          Hi Michelle- I am thinking of you and hoping you have a clear biopsy. Keep fighting for good health. Cheers to you! Congrats on the Jan 6th remission! It’s a good feeling isn’t it? I know it is hard to completely celebrate when things are lingering in the background but you won one battle and if you need to go through another you will win that too! Best wishes to you.

  12. Manal says:

    I finished round two in chemo for lymphoma and i dont dont what to expect for hair loss..will i totally lose all hait or would i still have some? Do all people lose their hair totally or does it differ from someone to another?

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      I think it is different for everyone. Especially the timing of the loss because it differs based on what kind of treatment you are having. My hair just got really stiff feeling at the roots like it had been in a ponytail too long. Right when I had that feeling it started to fall out but my hair is so think and you couldn’t tell. It was making such a mess though that I just shaved it and got it over with. It is good to take control of the situation and get it over with rather than letting the loss have the grip on you. Good luck to you on your journey. Please let me know if you have any more questions. -Trish

  13. Susan says:

    Thanks so much for this Blog. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June, under went lumpectomy, 4 chemo treatments and now doing 25 radiation treatments. I’m at the stage of the ‘fuzzy peach’ lol I rub my head a lot too. It’s been a little over a month since my next chemo. I seen the vitamins you are taking, etc and will speak to my radiation oncologist to see if I can take these as well. I was 39 years old when diagnosed, turned 40 while going through chemo (Woohoooo lol). Anyway…I’ve journalled my journey and was excited to find you. The biggest question I had was when will my hair start to grow back? I have about 8 wigs but am now totally sick of wearing them — their so hot and with the hot flashes from the chemo, I wanted to through them out the window most of the time. Although they looked good – people didn’t know the difference. I’m excited about my hair again….the stages. Thanks so much for the pics of the differet stages — looking forward to the next few months. Us as survivors need this info — thank you thank you thank you …. Susan B

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Hi Susan-

      Oh what a lovely 40th birthday gift! :) Well, one thing is for sure, you will be tougher in your 40′s than you have ever been.

      Congrats on being at the peach fuzz stage! It is so much fun isn’t it?! I would definitely throw those things out the window or burn them (because I am sure they did their share of making you feel like your head was on fire.). I even stopped wearing my hat for awhile my hot flashes were so bad. I was so thankful to not have hair. I am sure they are extremely hot and uncomfortable.

      It is great to hear you have been recording your journey. I think it is such an important part of the process. It helps you process how you are feeling and also gives you something to look back at. I hope you are able to take the vitamins. They have really helped me. If you get a chance also ask your oncologist about flax. I have read a few studies that show flax helps prevent and reverse lung damage caused by radiation. It’s worth asking about.

      Good luck as you finish your journey and keep up the awesome attitude of looking forward to your stages. You can do this. Be well.

      If you are ever interested in being a contributing writer let me know. I am always open to getting other points of view going on here to help others.


  14. MTdawn says:

    Thank you so much for posting your positive blog. It gives me great comfort seeing a fellow 30 something going through the same struggle. I ran across your blog as I am desperate to have my hair grow back. Reading your blog has helped me take the time and enjoy the stages, because it’s all about the journey anyway! I just finished my 8th and final chemo at the beginning of Dec 2013. I have 28 radiation tx left but well on the way. Thank you again for your site. Cheers, Dawn

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Hi Dawn! I am so glad my blog has helped you. I wanted so bad to find a blog like this while I was sick and couldn’t find one. It has been my mission to inspire people to embrace the journey and fight hard. Congrats on being done with chemotherapy!! That is a very exciting thing. Good luck with radiation. You might want to ask about taking flax. I have heard it really helps cut down on lung damage caused by radiation. I don’t know if you will be having radiation in that area but if you are it might be worth asking your oncologist about to see if it is okay.

      Enjoy your phases! My favorite was the fuzzy phase. I rubbed my head all the time! It was so soft. :)

      The 30′s are such a big time of self discovery and really becoming comfortable you. I think it is such a gift to be given this perspective at this age. Good luck with the remainder of your journey. Wishing you well. I’m here if you need to talk. -Trish

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Dawn! If you are up to it, it would be wonderful if you would attach some pictures of your stages as you go to the comments section so people can see additional resources. Also, if you are interested in being a contributing writer let me know. No pressure, I just thought I would put it out there if you are interested in working with another 30 something on spreading light. :)

  15. Rita Angelo says:

    I finished Chemo on Nov. 26th, 2012 and I am getting very disappointed at how slow my hair is growing. It is still fine all over. The back is curly, but my hair is still very thin and fuzzy from the crown of my head forward. I am taking Biotin, but still not growing very fast. Wondering if I need to get the ends trimmed or what to do next. I didn’t care at all about losing my hair and walked around bald and proud, but am ready to move forward and feel a little more nornalcy in my life. Please help.

    • Trish says:

      Hi Rita-

      I have been really into essential oils for healing lately. I looked up some formulas that are supposed to help for hair growth. You can purchase them here: if you are interested.

      doTERRA Essential Oils for Hair Growth
      Mix and massage some of the mixture into your scalp daily. Leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight then shampoo as usual.
      1 ounce fractionated Coconut Oil
      3 drops of Clary Sage
      2 drops of White Fir
      1 Drop of Rosemary

      doTERRA Essential Oils for Thicker Fuller Hair
      Mix and apply to problem areas after you shampoo. Leave in for 5 minutes. You can add this to your conditioner.
      · 3 drops of rosemary
      · 5 drops of lavender
      · 3 drops of thyme
      · 2 drops of cypress

      I hope this helps. :) Good luck to you.

  16. Lisa says:

    Thank you for posting the pictures of your hair growth. It helps me visualize the months to come after I finish my chemo in February. I should have some hair for my birthday in May :)

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Yay!! Yay! Yay!….for almost being done!! Congrats Lisa, you are almost to the finish line and you will be feeling great and have a cute hairdo by summer. I’m glad the photos helped. Be well and best of luck on your recovery.

  17. HarleyB says:

    I’ve just found your blog. Thankyou so much for posting the photos of your hair growing back.
    I will have my last cycle of chemo next week (YAY!!!!) and then 6 weeks of radiation for Breast Cancer. I have booked a celebration holiday to Thailand for July but suddenly wondered if I would have any hair?!? Way too hot to wear a wig there.
    I had 3 cycles of FEC and am currently have 3 more cycles of Docetaxel. I lost my hair during the FEC but retained my eyelashes and eyebrows. Now with the Docetaxel my hair seems to be starting to grow back (peach fuzz) but I’m losing my eyelashes and eyebrows. Not sure how that works but that’s what’s happening!
    Anyway I can’t wait to read the rest of your blog. I’m so pleased to have found it.

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Hi Harley-

      Congrats on almost being done! Have fun in Thailand! I did my celebration trip in Costa Rica. I had a good inch and a half of hair by the time I went. I am sure you will have plenty of hair by the time you go on your trip. Have a blast and live life to the fullest. Keep pushing and fighting strong all the way through. You are almost to the finish line. Hooray!! (It’s interesting how areas of hair loss differ among treatments. I would love to do a study on it.) Let me know if you have any questions about traveling post chemo.

      Best wishes to you,


  18. Deborah Payne says:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year June 2013. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. This was the scariest moment in my life….I had 6 sessions of chemo and finished end November 2013. I was so excited, now will be having five weeks, 5 days for 5 minutes Radiation therapy. Praise GOD that is well so far. My hair started to grow back again, getting thick but also mixed grey and black hair. I enjoyed running my hands over my hair just to feel how nice and soft it felt. I had long dark hair and now I want to keep it short as it is so much easier to maintain. Thanks Gordon your blog and would like to keep in touch with you.

    Kind regards


  19. Sheri says:

    Thank you for for posting your hair regrowth process. I finished Chemo New Years Eve day. So it’s been just about a month since I finished the 8 chemo treatments which began last September. I will start 6 weeks of radiation soon. I was so afraid to loose my hair.Now I have new sprouts all over also. I am very anxious for my new hair to come in. It’s been so cold without it . I do wear hats and wigs but it’s just not the same. Finding your website and seeing your hair regrowth each month has helped put me at ease more than you will ever know thank you so very much.

  20. darla says:

    Thank you your website was helpful.I am 5weeks out from my last chemo treatment(poisioning)and my hair is growing good I only have fuzz on the top of my head.The rest if my hair seems really excited to grow…its already half an team of doctors decided it was best to do chemo first. To shrink the tumor it did not work surgurys on the 29th.oops got ahead of myself I have breast cancer.I discovered it myself through monthly exams..anyway I am hopeful that they get all of it out with surgury…I look forward to the rest of my life after this show stopper….good luck to you and your daughter and spouce…ITS hope the rest of your life is exciting but uncancerous……darla

  21. Diana Newman says:

    I loved your story; thank you for sharing it. I have Multiple Myeloma, and though the beginning chemotherapy didn’t make me lose my hair, it got very thin. Then, when I went in for the bone marrow transplant, the rest of it went. It was strange; I obsessed over the hair loss before I lost it; I worried more about that than almost every other side effect!

    Then, when it was good and gone, it suddenly didn’t matter. In fact, I, like you, LIKED it! I, like you, kept rubbing my head when my hair started coming back in because it was so soft up there…;)

    It took awhile to start growing back: nearly three months. However, when it did, it took off like gangbusters. It’s now a little over half an inch long, and starting to curl. I look a little like a poodle fresh from the groomer, actually.

    I don’t know how much longer I’ll let it get; I really like the look. I never in a million years thought I would look good bald, but I do. Who knew??

    So even though I have been given LOTS of hats and scarves, and even have a wig, I simply don’t wear ‘em. Let ‘em all look; I ROCK!



  22. Gwen says:

    Thank you for creating this blog. I’ve turned to it throughout my treatment (Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer). Just completed my last chemo treatment six weeks ago and I’m seeing some real hair regrowth. It’s been great to see your pictures and get a benchmark of where I’ll be over the next few months. I wore scarves during my treatment (I have two wigs but can’t bring myself to wear them. They just don’t look like me.) But I’m counting down the days when I won’t have to cover up my head. Now that I’m well, it’s surprising how much I care about how I look but ready to be normal again. Anyway, your blog and encouragement really helped and congratulations on your own recovery!

    • Kelly says:

      Gwen, my diagnosis & stage is the same as yours, – (3C Ovarian). Would love to hear how you are doing and what you have been told re follow up.
      Trish – thanks for the wonderful blog!
      After the 2nd chemo treatment, I was left with a long “pony tail” that was as thin as a pencil along with a thinning mullet throughout my scalp. Decided not to shave, but leave what I had and not wear the wig – it didn’t look like me, as well.
      Have worn bandanas I had collected from high school.
      Don’t know if I should cut this thin “rats tail” that’s what we used to call the look back in the ’80′s … or leave it. While I wait for new hair to grow in. Any suggestions?
      God bless you all,

      • Trish says:

        Hi Kelly- Thank you for writing in. I would definitely cut it and get it over with. Also, when it grows back you will have nice even growth all over your head as well as the luxury of rubbing that super soft fuzz. :) I know that is easier said then done but you won’t have to think about it anymore. Bandanas are fun! So are hats! So is being amazingly bold and bald. Keep in touch. I am curious to know what you decide either way. Good luck to you and best wishes on your journey.

    • Trish says:

      Hi Gwen- I’m glad this blog gave you something to turn to during your cancer treatments. Congrats on making it though and being done. Isn’t it amazing how fast your hair kicks into gear and starts to regrow? You will be feeling great and “normal” again before you know it. Good luck on your recovery journey. Many blessings to you.

  23. uma joshi says:

    Thank you for the month wise pictures of your hair growth. I was diagnosed with stage 1 BC in June 2013, and underwent lumpectomy followed by 6 rounds of TAC, which got over in the month of October. I almost had a heart attack when I did not sprout any hair for 8 weeks and I had heard about permanent baldness due to Taxotere. Luckily I did sprout hair and it is about quarter of an inch long and I must admit I love running my fingers though it :). Your blog has helped me to assess the growth in the following months. Cheers

    • Trish says:

      Hi there- I am happy to hear you had hair growth after Taxotere. I am sure many readers will be happy to hear that as well. It seems to be a common question post Taxotere. Cheers to you and being done. Enjoy all the stages of your growth.

  24. Nikki says:

    I was very pleased to find this blog and to read how encouraging the posts have been. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in September and I finished chemo 27 Jan. I’m ready to see the soft fuzz on my head. The eyelashes are still falling out and I barely have eyebrows but I’m ok with that. False eyelashes and eyebrow powder are wonder tools to help you feel a little better. As I continue my journey I encourage you to stay strong! we’re almost done.

    • Trish says:

      Hi Nikki- How’s that fuzz coming along? Congrats on being done with chemo!!! You will have awesome hair by summer. :) Stay strong on your road to recovery. Best wishes.

  25. Julie Greenwood says:

    congrats to be past your cancer and your chemo …thank you for setting up this site I happen to find it looking for answers to how long it would take for my hair to grow back…I had ovarian cancer clear cell carcinoma stage 1 thankfully I just finished my chemo almost 3 weeks ago and my hair was really tough for me to lose although my life is so much more important but for a woman it is tough…I had long wavy hair almost waist length almost my whole life but I donated mine and after my first treatment it fell out like crazy and I went through a lot of emotions…but then I realized hey I am alive I am grateful it is only hair but it will be nice to have it back…you look beautiful…I couldn’t wait to show my husband your hair growth I was so excited I hope mine grows as quick as yours but if not oh well like I said I am grateful and I have been blessed to have met a lot great people that have gone through and that are going through cancer …Blessings to your family

    • Trish says:

      Hi Julie- It is amazing when you think about it. Having your life, that is. It makes everything else seem quite trivial when you come to realization that your life is way more important than your hair. Congrats on being done with your chemo!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Good luck on your journey back to health. Enjoy all the fun stages of your hair growth. Blessings to you and your family as well.

  26. Cindi says:

    This is a great idea. Thank you for posting your progression photos. I did 4 rounds of AC and 3 rounds of Taxol with one round left. My hair started growing a little, after AC. You can barely see it up close. It is fuzzy on top and kind of prickly in the back. I hope it speeds up after my last round next week. I think I will take stage pictures too.

    • Trish says:

      Hi Cindi- Thanks so much for visiting the blog. I am happy to hear you are almost done and are seeing some fuzz (my most favorite stage). I think it is a great idea to take pictures documenting your journey. It gives you something to look back at and be proud of the fight you fought. Good luck on the rest of your treatments. Best wishes to you.

  27. Deepali says:

    Hello Trish…
    Great to see your pics… its really inspiring and kind of support you are providing to others with positive attitude is appreciating ..
    My self 31 year old,unmarried diagnose with breast carcinoma metastases… completed 6 cycles chemo on 7 march …. but still see my hair to re grow … you mentioned in your replies that healthy food will help to hair to grow fast …. as per you what is it?


    • Trish says:

      Hi Deepali-

      Anything unprocessed. I eat a lot of fruits, veggies, beans, sweet potatoes, brown rice. I am soon to release a section of my blog with various recipes for healthy eating. It can get pretty boring at times trying to always eat healthy but we have gotten really creative and I am excited to share some fun recipes. In the meantime I would just focus on minimizing processed food as much as possible. Shop the perimeter of the store and hydrate well. Best of luck to you.

  28. Linda says:

    I have visited your site 2 times and I was glad to see your pictures of hair growth,

    I have just finished my last round of chemo and like so many I am blessed that I am alive as I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian. I had no symptoms had a 10 cm. mass.

    I am looking forward to seeing hair on my head, Scarves. hats and wigs are ok but at home I go bald as I have sores all over my head just a reaction to chemo. I will be glad when they are gone. I have been working through my treatment for 4 hrs every day so I need to cover my head (I work with three men in my office) I am so blessed as the journey has been much easier than I thought and I am so thankful to Jesus as he has graced me to walk this journey. I pray for all of those who have written on your blog and I pray also for you and your sweet family that God will keep you and bless you. Thank you once again.

    • Trish says:

      Hi Linda- I am so happy to hear you are a survivor of Stage 3 Ovarian. What an accomplishment. How is your hair re-growth going? Keep faith and I hope you are starting to regain strength.

  29. Joni says:

    I had a hysterectomy for endometrial cancer Sept. 2013. It was stage 1A and they found dead cancer cells which the surgeon had never seen before. They recommended chemo (6 rounds) to prevent recurrence. I finished my last round Feb. 17. Now I all I think about is my hair loss and when I can expect to see some new hair growing. All these posts were very helpful and encouraging. I see nothing growing yet and eyebrows and eyelashes are completely gone. I will be anxiously waiting as I wear my many hats, wig and scarves this summer. I am 74 and had always colored my hair but if it grows back white I plan to
    leave it white!

    • Trish says:

      Hi Joni! Congrats on being done! I hope you are seeing some amazing white hair by now. Rock it! I love white hair, I think it is very beautiful.

  30. Rose says:

    Hi I am 2 weeks post chemo after BC. I had 3 x AC and 3 x Taxotere, my hair is fuzzy, i love feeling it and so does my hubby. Can’t wait for a full head of hair and no more hats. My head feels so crushed from the taxotere so wearing hats hurt after a while. I start 35 sessions of Radio on the 22nd, so enjoying the break. My food tastes are just returning and I have just walked my Husky for the first time in just over 2 weeks. So all is going well. Thank you for the Hair regrowth photos. They helped me so so much. I found loosing my hair the most difficult; I had long naturally blonde hair before. Not sure what colour will grow back. I remember the tears when my oncologist told me I needed chemo and “yes I would loose my hair”. I really did not think I could cope with that, this came on my 1st Wedding anniversary, I was so scared my new husband would run; He didn’t, he has been to every single appointment and treatment. He has been solid and has laughed and cried with me. He has been the only person to see bald. But I don’t feel bald in his company, I feel normal. And now we both enjoy the regrowth, he can’t wait for it to grow back, funny enough neither can I. Love to everyone going into or coming out of treatment. If I can do it, so can you.

  31. Amanda Musser says:

    Hi there from Pennsylvania! I just found your blog and so happy I did. I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer on my 30th birthday last February (talk about a milestone birthday!). I went through 10 rounds of chemo, 37 radiation treatments and was declared disease free on Nov 5th 2013. And I just finished my graduate degree and was hired as an oncology social worker! So excited! I am at a weird In between stage with my hair. I think it looks terrible and want to see if I can trim it to make it look nicer. All of my support ladies are telling me not to because I want to grow it out. Did you have little trims every so often to maintain a better look? Thank you!

    I also love to write and am working on research related to supporting young women emotionall after diagnosis and before during and after treatment. If you would ever like a guest blogger I would love to have this opportunity! My email is I am also a media representative and public speaker for the American Cancer Society and the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

    Thank you!

    • Trish says:

      Hi Amanda- I am so sorry for the slow response. I just recently had another surgery then started traveling the country staying with friends and family to get a little extra help with my dear Gracie as I wasn’t able to lift her. I’m back now and would love to connect. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have you as a guest blogger. Any topics you are interested in writing just let me know. I will connect with you via email and work on getting you set up as an admin. Please give me a day or so to email you. I am sifting through hundreds of emails and a lot of comments trying to catch up and respond to everyone.

      Congrats on being done and disease free!!! Yes, I had a lot of little trims in between stages of hair growth because the growth was really all over the place.

      I want to pick your brain about your degree. I am very interested in oncology social work.

  32. MK Gillilan says:

    Thank you for the great photos and what to expect on hair growth. I am stage 1a Ovarian Cancer, clear cell. My 18th and last weekly chemo is April 17th….. Love the vitamin recommendation….so anemic…..can’t wait to get energy back. Also gained weight from steriods and lack of exercise:(…. But…almost done! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AS YOU CONTINUE ON YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY…

    • Trish says:

      Hi Gillilan- The steroid weight gain will drop off really fast after chemo. Just stay active, even short little walks if possible help. I was more heavy during chemo than when I was pregnant three weeks prior to starting chemo. You will be surprised how fast that weight goes away. I have talked to so many women who where worried about the weight gain from steroids and they were very relieved when they were done and their bodies bounced back. I hope you are recovering well and congrats on being done!!!!!!!

  33. Tricia says:

    Hi Trish,
    I just found your website & I’ve been reading thru the post of many strong,amazing women! I am getting ready to complete my last chemo next week. I was diagnosed in October with stage 2b breast cancer- I had a mastectomy& then began my 8 chemo treatments( 4 AC & 4 taxol) my hair fell out after my 2nd AC treatment. I think I was More emotionally upset and cried more overlosing my hair than my breast. I donated my long hair to take charge of the hair situation, and had a very short pixie- the day it started falling out in clumps my oldest son & I got Mohawks- then shaved it bald, and then I cried….but, I had to remind myself (daily) that I was blessed ans so very lucky to find my lump in my breast as it could have been a different story if I would have waited!
    Now,I’m wondering if my last few eyebrows & lashes will fall out too (sob) & how long will it take after I finish my last taxol chemo?
    Thank you for providing such a great gathering place full of such helpful info.
    Blessings to all, Tricia

  34. Rose says:

    Hi 2 weeks since my first comment. Just to say my Hair is looking like real hair already. I have been using a Klorane pump spray every two days and massaging it in, whether it works or not i feel that I am doing something to help. Doing well with plenty of water and protein. But still it is very difficult to walk, I can’t beleive that i ran daily before christmas, I am trying each day to at least walk, and then raise my legs as often as poss; Not sure if anyone has any help with the fluid retention issue? My eyebrows haven’t come in yet so a little worried they may not due to being very fair hared; oh gosh I must sound so vain; but I’m not really, just impatient to look normal; had my tattoos for the radiotherapy today, so ready to get started with that after Easter. And thank you Amanda, I may email you as a blogger. I found being able to relate to other young women in the same situation as me gave me strentgh, knowing others have fought and one and lived on to have fun after is a great inspiration;

    • Trish says:

      Hi Rose- So glad to hear you are having hair growth! Any luck on your eyebrows to date? I’m not familiar with fluid retention. Hopefully someone on this thread can assist you. Best of luck to you on your journey back to health. You will be running again before you know it.

  35. Molly says:

    Thank you so much for your blog! The pictures are so helpful! I am just shy of 4 weeks post chemo. I want my hair back! The main reason being I am sick of having to match a scarf or hat with my clothes everyday! Seems like a stupid problem after chemo! I had thick wavy hair (that I endlessly cut short and grew long ha! ha!) so hopefully it will be back soon! Thank you again for putting this info out there and congratulations on walking head on into your journey!

    • Trish says:

      Hi Molly! Congrats on being done! Your hair will be back before you know it. Isn’t it funny how some problems seem so silly after chemo? Sometimes I find myself complaining about my hair now and then start giggling at why I would ever complain about my hair. I try hard to remind myself to keep it nice now because I really adopted the mantra, who cares?!, it’s just hair! when I was sick. Best wishes to you on your recovery. Hair grows as your strength grows. Soon enough you will be able to do something fun with those scarfs other than put them on your head. Perhaps make a cool wreath out of them (An i’m done with chemo and my hair is back wreath!).

  36. Saam says:

    I had cervical cancer , my womb & ovaries also removed , I had chemo therapy in June 2011, I lost my hair it’s being 3 years now but my hairs didn’t come back I m still waiting for my hairs & too much worried about that please give me some advise I always wear scrafs don’t like to use wigs

    • Trish says:

      Hi Saam- I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had much hair regrowth. I’m not quite sure why your hair wouldn’t be regrowing. Here are a few suggestions of where to start:
      1. Ask your oncologist if this could be hormone related. He or she may of some suggestions for you if your hormone levels are off and possibly causing the issue.
      2. Hydrate well.
      3. Eat well. Rebuild your body to a pillar of strength. Anti-oxidants are key to recovery of your cells.
      4. Scarfs are great! Embrace them while you need to. They are always nice paired with funky earrings.
      5. Try some natural alternative such as essential oils or acupuncture.
      6. If none of the above work perhaps if you have enough hair you could get extensions? There are a lot of wonderful organizations out there that can assist with this.
      Best of luck to you. I hope you see some hair growth soon.

  37. Kim says:

    Love love love this blog. Thank you. I am 6 months post chemo and finally feel able to take off my hat! My hair is wavy and salt and pepper colored. Very different than pre-chemo but I love it. Your blog has been so helpful to me!

  38. Jessica says:

    It is SO wonderful to see photos of your hair regrowth! I just finished my last of 6 rounds of R-EPOCH for NHLymphoma. When you say “1 month after”, is that after the day of your last infusion or dose? Or the last day of the cycle? My treatments were one week on chemo meds then two weeks off (while they were working their magic) and I don’t know which date I should start counting from. I’m totally cool with having no hair on my head, but eyebrows and lashes are greatly missed!!

    • Trish says:

      Hi Jessica- So happy to hear you are done! 1 month after meaning after my last chemo day. Stay healthy and strong and that hair will be back before you know it. You will be seeing lashes and eyebrows in no time. Best wishes to you on your recovery.

  39. bookgirl says:

    Wow. My being bald from Chemo makes you so scared that you can’t talk to me or even look at me? Your daughter. Your sister. So grateful for A husband and kids who have been so supportive and true friends. Maybe I should just stay away from family parties until my hair grows back? Sorry my baldness interferes with your effort to pretend/deny this isn’t happening to me, thanks so much for never asking me how I feel. Tired of excusing this behavior.

  40. bookgirl says:

    I would go through any battle for my kids, and that’s what I am doing! :)
    So proud of them, and they are my buddies-Hair Or No Hair! We have all been through A lot this year, But facing it with strength and making good memories and even laughter. As terrible as it has been, their “true colors” have glowed, can already see the caring people they already are. Thanks for sharing your Journey. It matters. One month post Taxol, and Yes, The peach-fuzz has appeared! The key, all along, has been to take it one day at A time, but your pictures
    give me hope and some patience! Thank you.

    • Trish says:

      Hi there! Isn’t the peach fuzz so nice?! I LOVED it. Good memories, strength and laughter are so key. Kids are so amazing and going through cancer with them teaches you so much about them and the amazing people they are. You will have sassy hair before you know it. Good luck to you and your family. Stay strong.

  41. Zoe says:

    Hello ladies :) I have really enjoyed reading each individual journey and experience, these blogs are invaluable at making you realise you are not alone in your fears and anxieties. I am a 40 year old mummy of 3 boys and a wonderful patient husband (we have been together for 21 years) I was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer 2 weeks before Christmas, I had a mastectomy in January and a further op to remove lymph nodes in feb, my hair was very long and dark. I had really small breasts and liked the way my hair hid them :) now I have one not so small breast as I have gained weight during my treatment! I have had 4 rounds of chemo, number 5 is due on Friday, I was dreading losing my hair more than anything, mainly because I am a private person, I could hide the mastectomy and nobody could tell I was sick, losing my hair was more difficult to hide as with all the will in the world wigs are very difficult to wear all the time, scarves and hats are so much more comfortable, I never got emotional as i had my friend shave my hair off. She asked me if I was about to cry, my response to her was that there is more to me than a mop of hair! I still have my eyebrows and lashes ( just about, they are really thin) I was pegging out my washing the other day smiling to myself as I felt the wind on my neck :) it’s really tough losing you’re hair initially, I felt like a man in drag as I was putting on my wig, you get used to seeing yourself a certain way, during the day I’m happy to go bald. When i put on my wig to go out shopping I feel fake. I can’t wait to have my own hair back, most importantly I can’t wait to have my energy back, thanks so much for sharing you’re story and you’re pictures, you’re baby is beautiful just like her mummy xx

  42. Livelaughlove says:

    Hi I’m 47 having stage 3 blast crisis in cml I’m getting ready to go into hospital for bmt and I also find it hard to cut my very long beautiful hair I’ve also had long hair my whole life down to my waist, doctors say I will lose it all during high intensity chemo to rid the cancer should I cut it before I go into having the bmt? Or wait and let it fall out in the hospital I just don’t won’t to wake up and find all my hair every where in the bed.. please seeking advice :-(

    • Karen says:

      I suggest shaving it. Seeing mine come out in clumps was worse than just shaving it. I am 5 months post chemo for breast cancer and it is slowly coming back.
      Good Luck to you! You WILL get through this!

  43. Judy says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’m 35 with ovarian cancer. I have a 2 year old and 4 month old. I am 6 weeks into my chemo treatment and will be shaving my head tomorrow. I’m so sad! I’ve also had long naturally curly hair and I’ve never like short hair let alone being bald. After seeing your pics I too can do this! Together we are stronger.

  44. bernice jones says:

    Your post made me laugh so hard….only because I can’t help feeling my fuzzy head either. A month past chemo and apart from the grey coming through and being called a fury baked bean by loved ones, I’m astonished at how quickly it’s coming through.

  45. Md.Khairul Bashar Shuman says:

    hope you are well.i have a question and also worried. i want to know mom’s have a two lump in left breast and biopsy report are positive.make a surgery and remove her left breast and doctor’s decided to 6 cycle of chemo for preventive.already 3 chemo are done but after 1st chemo she loss her hair little.then after 2nd and 3rd chemo she being weak 3 days and she feel good.its this good for treatment or some thing wrong?

    i am helpful for your reply

  46. Gloria says:

    I had lung cancer. I just had a lobectomy in late July this year. I am sitting here reading this blog and contemplating cutting my hair tomorrow. I have a wig but I’m just not ready to wear it I think I might prefer to being bald. It is very uplifting to read all of the reader comments. Thanks for sharing!

  47. patty says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos. I find my self rubbing my head as well. I have six more treatments to go and five or six weeks of radiation. It is a long hard road. I have two little boys, they make it all possible. thanks again!
    cheers to you!!!

  48. Tisheanlanea says:

    Hi my is tishean and i am so inspired by th things you overcome.You are beautiful inside and out.I want to thank you for giving me knowledge. This story showed me exactly what u should be grateful for.

  49. mary riner says:

    Youst finished my last of four rounds of chemo today. It was for page 1 breast cancer. I am very thankful to lord for getting me thru these treatments.Your blog answered so many of my questions. I was so concerned about when my hair would grow back now I know that I don’t have a set time. yes it will grow back thank you for your help

  50. Dianne says:

    Thank you for posting this great blog! I am 63 with breast cancer. I have a beautiful daughter 34 and a 4 year old granddaughter so I must make sure they know that I am a fighter and do the right things! I have the triple negative which is I am told one of the more nasty forms of breast cancer. I am getting very aggressive treatment. I have been worried about my hair growing back in. Seeing your pictures was reassuring for me. Thanks for all the encouragement. It helps. God bless you and your lovely family. Stay strong and well. The same for all my sisters out there fighting this cancer monster. We will win! God bless!

  51. myriah says:

    hey there. I am about halfway through my treatments and am starting to lose quite a bit of hair. I feel like such a jerk because I am really fighting against just shaving my head. I feel so vain and superficial. I just can’t imagine myself with no hair at all. it honestly scares me and has been my biggest fear since I was diagnosed.please tell me I’m not the only one. and how did you just “take the plunge”?? thanks in advance!

  52. Christabel says:

    i just recently shaved my head bald.what should i do in order to make my hair grow 2 inches long in three weeks

  53. Karen says:

    Thank you for your story. I hope you are doing well.
    I finished chemo Jan 2015, its now end of May and I still don’t have much hair, more than fuzz but still wearing wigs. My friends think I am lucky I don’t have to fix my hair everyday but I want it back! Seeing your pictures and progress from month to month is very helpful.

  54. Carrie says:

    Hello, I had stomach cancer. I had 3 rounds of chemo before surgery then another three rounds after. I lost my hair after 4 weeks of chemo. My last treatment was Jan 6, 2015. I am happy my treatment is over and my friends and family tells me my hair is the last of my worries but they just don’t understand how stressful it is. I am grateful to have my health. My hair was still falling out 1 month after the treatment. Its is now end of may and the length of my hair is about 2 inches but it is still sparse. I am wondering when it will fill in and get thicker. I am getting married in Aug and would really like to have my own hair and not have to wear my wig.
    I am very proud of all the people on this site and what they have gone through. It was definitely very hard to deal with having cancer and going through all the treatments. I wish everyone good health and many many happy days. Thank you for this site.

  55. Nathaniel says:

    In August 8,2015,I will undergo chemotherapy in 3 days for the last time..
    I wish my hair grow back soon before Christmas..
    Being bald kinda ruin my outfit..hahah

    -Hodgkins Lymphoma

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