Neuropathy Post BEP Chemotherapy

Hi all! Today I will be doing a commercial at the request of my neurologist. I am very excited to release an upcoming post on neuropathy because I know there are a lot of fellow neuropathy sufferers out there that can benefit from the therapy I had. It is taking me a while to get the neuropathy post written because I find it to be a very important post and I want it to be as complete and accurate as possible. I’m a very private person, or at least I was until this blog and the thought of being on camera is a little scary. However, what Dr. Carney did for my quality of life makes it well worth it. It is amazing to me that just months ago I felt like I was walking on glass and he got me to the point of being able to run a marathon. When I get a copy of the spot I will post it on the blog for you all to see. It will explain what I had done and how it helped.

3 comments on “Neuropathy Post BEP Chemotherapy
  1. kissedbyluck says:

    I’m anxious to read your post! I didn’t suffer much during treatment…but in the last few weeks the tingling in my hands and arms has been so bad it’s waking me up at night. I’ve increased my vitamin Bs (all of them) and it has helped some, but I’m fearing I will have to try something else if it keeps up. I saw a pic of you on the National Cancer Surviors day Facebook page! :)

  2. Hi there- Sorry to hear you are experiencing neuropathy. I too didn’t suffer much during my treatments but it hit me after the fact. I will be finish up the post about how I got rid of mine Thursday morning. I’m so happy with my progress and I hope it helps you as well. Happy Tuesday :).

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