A letter to Grace

A letter to Gace

Dear Gracie-

Your life didn’t start as planned but I promised you when this all started I would fight every moment so you would have a strong, loving, happy, and fun mommy. This has been a year of challenges and triumphs. I hope when you are older and look back at pictures and hear stories of this time you understand how much joy you brought to your mommy. Every day is a choice my dear Gracie. Life will always present you with challenges. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and be thankful for all you do have rather than asking “why did this happen to me?”. If you do ask “why me”, ask it for the things you are blessed with. There are so many people less fortunate in this world. You, daddy, and I are pretty darn lucky. Goals have been delayed and dreams diverted temporarily but one thing remains intact, our strong, loving family- this my precious little girl, is gold, and so rare in today’s world. Your daddy and I love each other so much and together we love you beyond words.

I will always fight to be healthy for you. I will always be here for you when you are happy, sad, scared, vulnerable or whatever you may be. You have blessed me in so many ways you will never know and in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined. You have changed my life. You have brought me more joy, positivity, patience, love, love, love, a true sense of purpose, and an ability to fight through anything. You my dear are a true gem. You light up the world with your presence.

I love you with all my heart-


7 comments on “A letter to Grace
  1. Bethany Shea says:

    Just Beautiful Trish!!!!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Trish, you inspired me in a way no one else has, having a baby to deal with and cancer. Oh my goodness you were so brave, the letter to Gracie, so beautiful.

    I have asked so many people how soon can I expect to see my hair return, when can I expect to start feeling a little more normal?

    The answers are always the same, everyone is different. Today I just reached to the web site and typed in “HOW SOON CAN I EXPECT TO SEE MY HAIR GROWING” and your site popped up. Trish I felt so much better in so many ways. One more chemo treatment left to go and the my radiation begins. Does the radiation in any way impede on the hair growth? I honestly hate the feeling I have wearing a wig that is awesome I get so many compliments on my hair and often strangers will stop me and ask for my hair dressers name and phone number so I believe they are being honest on how it looks. My head just gets so hot with the wig and often get a headache. Trish I know you answer was hats but hats also cause my head to over heat. Love the pictures and now will also be sure to take a month by month photo for my personal journal. Blessings to you and your lovely family.

    • Trish says:

      Hello Marilyn- Thank you for reaching out. I am so happy the blog helped you. I am overjoyed whenever I hear from someone how it helped them. After all, that was my point of going through the sometimes painful process of reliving all the moments of my journey. :) I am not sure about hair growth and radiation but I will look into it for you. I often opted to go without the hats also and just be free. My hot flashes were so unbearable with something on my head and I was thankful to not have any hair. Yay for only one more chemo treatment. Good luck with your radiation. I have read some research that consuming flax before, during, and after radiation helps restore and protect tissues. I am not sure how concrete this research is but I would ask your oncologist about it. We opt for organic stone ground flax as it absorbs and you get the maximum benefit from it. We add two tablespoons to our oatmeal every morning. :) Be well and good luck on the rest of your journey. Your hair and your energy will be back before you know it. Hair growth and energy occur hand in hand.

  3. P says:

    Thank you…you have helped me a lot! You know what hit me…the “you can sit and ask why or get busy living” I hope all is well with you! I wish you health, wealth and happiness!!!

  4. Ann says:

    Very happy for you, unfortunately not everyones hair does come back. This seems to be something the Drs don’t seem to tell pts very often. Mine isn’t coming back much at all and when I looked this up there are many others with the same problem. Yes the majority do get their hair back but it really sucks when other good chemos aren’t even given as an option because no one seems to think this should bother someone, “At least you are alive” .

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