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Welcome to my unexpected journey. My name is Trish. I am a 33 year old new mom, recovering from an ovarian dysgerminoma cancer diagnosis two weeks post-delivery of my first child. If you have landed on this blog you, or someone you love, is probably dealing with cancer and to that I send you my prayers, love, and deepest sympathy. Everybody’s cancer journey is different. For some it is relatively easy, for others it is very difficult. A lot depends on what stage you are, your support system, age, determination to get better, and general attitude.

I decided to write a blog, documenting my journey, because I found very little real life information that helped me through being a new mom with cancer and the cancer process in general. Sure, I went to school for biomedical science and I love a good scientific journal read, I am kind of a hardcore science nerd in that way, however, I wanted to know more! Like. What are the real life implications?. What would the first day of chemotherapy be like? Would it hurt? No. Would I get sick right away? No. Would I ever be the same? No. What in the world would it feel like being bald? Awesome and liberating. Would this impact my marriage? Yes. Would this impact my friendships? Yes. Would this impact my family relationships? Yes. Would I still be capable of being the kind of mom I wanted to be? YES! Would this stop me or get me down? NO! All of these questions will be answered in-depth in this blog.

Each day I wrote a little bit to eventually post a blog and to hopefully help anybody out there going through the same thing.

I hope you enjoy reading our journey and it provides you positivity, comfort, and support. LIFE IS GRAND! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT! Every day you are alive is a blessing. Get up, get out, be positive, think of all the good things in life and don’t ask “why me?”. Positive thoughts, positive results! Believe in the power of the mind.

Thank you for reading. I will be back dating a lot of posts as I enter them from my journal. This journey will never be over and this blog will eventually morph into a blog about positive living, family, being kind to others, and nutrition. (I’m just getting started so check back often.)