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Nutrition During Chemotherapy

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eating healthy during chemotherapy

It is very important to keep your system as healthy as possible during chemotherapy. With all the advances in chemotherapy side effect prevention, it is becoming increasingly easier to eat a wide variety of foods without “tossing your cookies”. I always had this vision of people withering away to nothing when facing cancer. I think it really is a thing of the past or at least I think it is for people facing my cancer. Either way, I remember saying to my family the day I started chemotherapy, “Okay everyone!”, “I am 127 pounds today”,  “If I drop below that at any point get on my butt about eating.” After day 1 of chemotherapy I didn’t see 127 pounds again until a good month after the completion of my treatments. My weight actually shot through the roof. I was so surprised. I never fluctuate in weight and I thought for sure, if anything, I would lose weight.

My focus during chemotherapy was taking care of Gracie, staying fit, staying very well hydrated, and eating the right foods. Eating good food, especially the foods I like was very difficult for me because I was on Coumadin. Virtually all of my favorite foods were on the list of items to “avoid” when on Coumadin. My oncologist actually encouraged me to eat these foods because they are an important part of a healthy diet. He just stressed the importance of consistently eating anything on the list and we would adapt the dosage of the Coumadin as we went along. The more consistent I was about my diet, the better and the less adjusting we had to do. After a few weeks of my PT-INR levels being all over the board I came up with a consistent plan of attack for eating “greens”. I am so thankful my doctor wanted to take this approach. I believe this is why I stayed so healthy.

The following is a sample of what worked for me during my treatments. It kept my energy levels up and blood counts in the normal range.

2    16 ounce glasses of water
1     8 ounce cup of coffee
2    organic oranges
1     packet of organic apple oatmeal
1    organic apple

2    16 ounce glasses of water
2    organic carrots
3    organic celery
1     serving of spinach salad, bean salad, or a pasta salad loaded with tomatoes, avocados, and cucumbers

1     can of FRS, apricot nectarine
1    16 ounce glasses of water

2    16 ounce glasses of water
2     servings of organic broccoli
1     serving of chicken or a super food packed soup
1     serving of sweet potatoes

1     8 ounce mug of chamomile tea
2    16 ounce glasses of water

Recipes to be posted soon. Stay tuned.