• I am always available to talk if you are a woman facing ovarian dysgerminoma or a new mom facing cancer. It is always nice to talk to someone who has been through the process. I will be here to listen to your fears, your triumphs, your hurdles, your set backs, to share my experience if you would like or to give you information and other resources. Support groups are not for everybody. Sometimes it is nice to sit and have a cup of coffee with someone on video chat and just talk about things. Send me an email at or leave a comment below and we can schedule a Google Hangout. If you don’t know how to work a Google Hangout I will be happy to assist you in getting started.
  • The American Cancer Society is a wonderful resource to find support groups in your area, talk to a cancer specialist, or talk to a peer about your cancer 24/7.

More Resources to come in the next few days. Stay tuned. :)

2 comments on “Support
  1. Andea says:

    Thank you for the pictures, it was really helpful. I have 4 more chemotherapies for a total of 8. I like the bald look too, so easy, but looking forward to have a little more hair.

    • mommybeatscancer says:

      Hi Andea-
      I’m glad the photos helped. Congrats on being halfway done! Being bald is so easy isn’t it? I was just trying to tame my post chemo curls today and laughed to myself that I wish I still was bald. Honestly, in my opinion, it was so nice to have one less thing to deal with while going through chemo. Best wishes to you on the rest of your journey.

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