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Goodbye Hair! See you Next Year!

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Loss of hair with chemotherapy

Anytime I read or watched anything about women and chemotherapy I always had one lasting thing on my mind, how traumatic it was for them to lose their hair. When I started chemotherapy I knew I would lose my hair but didn’t think much of it. I remember 10 years ago when my sister had cancer how helpless I felt when she lost her hair. She was 19 and at an age where it must have been so hard to deal with it. Nineteen is dating time, worry-about-what-you-look-like time. No matter who you are, that age is really hard in normal circumstances. Read more

How Long Will it Take My Hair to Grow Back After Chemotherapy?

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One of the most common questions I get when talking to people about to embark on chemotherapy is, “How long did it take for your hair to grow back after chemotherapy?”. I had the same question when I was going through chemo. I loved my lack of hair but was looking forward to some fun, funky stages that I would not have normally tried out. I always thought it would be so helpful to have a visual guide of what to expect and I never found anything. So!!! Here it is!

It is surprising how fast your hair grows back. Within a week and a half of the completion of my BEP chemotherapy I had a ton of “sprouts”. For more on my thoughts about hair loss please read my previous post, Goodbye Hair! See You Next Year!

My hair one day before losing it!


Bald and Beautiful- My favorite accessories when I lost my hair, my bald head, my favorite Life is Good hat, and Gracie of course!


Hair Length 1 Month Post BEP Chemotherapy- I loved, loved, loved this stage!! My head was so soft and fuzzy!


Hair Length 2 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- Starting to see where my waves stem from! A lot of swirly hair showing up this month.


Hair Length 3 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- I had a lot of growth this month. These shots are from the beginning to the end of the month. Mid month I could spike it up a bit.


Hair Length 4 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- This was my most favorite stage!!!


Hair Length 5 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- 


Hair Length 6 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy- 


Hair Length 7 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-


Hair Length 8 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-


Hair Length 9 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-


Hair Length 10 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-


Hair Length 11 Months Post BEP Chemotherapy-

20130516-133755.jpgMother's Day 2013

Hair Length 1 Year Post BEP Chemotherapy-