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After Cancer Workouts

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How I Ran a Marathon One Year After Cancer and a Baby

Hi all! I get quite a few questions about how you can possibly run a marathon 1 year post cancer. The truth is, there are no shortage of survivors adding a marathon to their journey. The thought of a marathon may seem daunting coming out of chemo. Especially when it seems like a struggle to walk to the end of the street. I’ve designed a program that starts you off slowly, combining running and walking intervals until you eventually start solid blocks of running time. This is a 28 week journey which is longer than a typical marathon training program but it is designed for people recovering from cancer. In the coming weeks I will be posting a user-friendly, printable calendar so the workout schedule is a little easier to navigate. I put this up for now because I have had a lot of demand for my approach and don’t want to keep anyone waiting.

Training Tips:

  1. Be sure to talk to your doctor before attempting to train for a marathon. Let them know your approach. Everyone is different and your doctor may recommend taking it easy for a certain window of time. For example, I did not start running until I was off of blood thinners. Read more

Cancer is not a Roadblock to your Dreams

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Questions. Questions. Questions.

Questions circling through my mind like a horse on a racetrack.

  1. How will I get back in shape after cancer?
  2. How will I be strong after cancer?
  3. How will I turn this experience into something good?
  4. How will I inspire others to go through cancer with strength and grace and come out a powerhouse?
  5. What have I always wanted to do but haven’t? (Many, many things! Haha! I’m a typical Pisces dreamer. Stay on track- focus on physical feats!)
  6. What will make me feel like I am okay again?
  7. Most importantly, how can I teach others cancer isn’t a roadblock to your life or dreams? Read more